Client Testimonials

Alexis specializes in mama drama. She helps women feel more at home in their role as mothers by giving them permission to claim the archetype for themselves.
— Genevieve S.
Making the decision to have Alexis join me as my doula was the best decision I ever made. Alexis offered us support throughout the pregnancy and was great about answering questions and providing us with educational material. Alexis stayed close during the birth, encouraging me to low moan during the most intense portion of the contractions/waves. Alexis supported me by offering a calm presence as my birth progressed and my son was brought earthside. After the birth, Alexis stayed with us for 2 more hours to celebrate this joyous time as well as offer support as we helped our boy latch and breastfeed for the first time. She will be the first call we make when we are pregnant with baby #2.
— Courtney B.
I’m grateful to Alexis for all the support during my pregnancy and after. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through that last bit without her, especially when the panic attacks started. I’m so thankful that she has decided to be a doula in addition to her therapy work! I think I’ll be using the tools she’s taught me to use for the rest of my life.
— Kim P.
I am so beyond blessed and thrilled to have met and worked with Alexis! She is kind, smart, supportive, and simply amazing. I’ve dealt with anxiety and specifically postpartum anxiety with my son so I knew I could use extra support this time. Alexis was supportive and communicative throughout my pregnancy and birth. Alexis helped calm my nerves and pain during the labor before I got medicine. She then massaged me and provided words of affirmation. I know that her presence truly made my birth a wonderful memory I will always cherish.
— Sarah D.
Alexis is a superstar. Her humor and passion make her a joy to be around and she is a standout in a room of birth workers. She has found a brilliant, and important way to serve women through birth and support maternal mental health. With 20-40% of moms experiencing depression or anxiety, we need more of her! Plus, if I had a baby again, I’d want her there.
— Amanda D.
Alexis helped us process the disappointment and hurt we felt after our birth plan went awry and our son was born well outside of what we had hoped would be our birth story. Her coaching and understanding gave us the ability to cope, accept and move past the nagging feelings of resentment and sadness. Since the work, we have felt better and that place of peace reflects on our lives and that of our 3 month old son.
We would recommend Alexis to anyone that needs to process emotions and afterimages from a birth or pregnancy. Thank you, Alexis.
— David Y.
I gave birth to my first baby in August 2017 and Alexis was my doula. It was amazing to have her as part of my birth team. She has a soothing presence and was endlessly supportive (physically and emotionally) throughout my labor & delivery. The phrase I remember saying most during labor was “I can’t do this”, but Alexis was always there to affirm that I could do this, which was exactly what I needed to hear. Alexis was knowledgeable and well-prepared with evidence-based information and techniques to help me cope with the intensity of birthing a human being. My partner was deeply anxious about the birthing process and Alexis was attune to that need in our prenatal visits & during labor. Alexis was absolutely the right doula for our family and I’m so grateful for her. If you’re looking for a doula, I’d highly recommend Alexis!
— Alycia S.
Throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum, Alexis was my rock. She listened, supported, and advocated for me during a sacred and vulnerable stage in my life. Because of her, I feel proud of my body and empowered to trust my maternal instincts. The birth community is incredibly lucky to have such a highly skilled, educated, and compassionate doula taking care of our mommas!
— Katey R.
Alexis is amazing!! I was advised from a friend when we got pregnant to get a doula to advocate for us and be a liaison to help during labor. We were able to call or text her with any questions (which we had a ton being first timers)! She was quick to respond and always had a happy, positive & comforting energy!! I still reach out to her now for stuff and stay in touch. I didn’t end up having to do traditional labor as a few days before my due date my doctor scheduled a c-section. Alexis was there the whole time making sure I got the privacy my husband and I needed to connect with our baby boy immediately. She also connected me with an amazing lactation consultant & placenta encapsulator (she has all the connections in austin). I couldn’t be happier with Alexis and all her referrals!
— Candice C.