Making the decision to have Alexis Edwards join me on my pregnancy journey as my doula was the best decision I ever made. From the beginning, my husband and I knew we wanted a natural birth surrounded by a care team supportive of this decision. Alexis offered us support throughout the pregnancy and was great about answering questions and providing us with educational material. When the BIG day arrived, my labor progressed quickly, Alexis was able to get to the birth center in record time; staying in constant communication along the way. When she entered the room, I felt the atmosphere change as I instantly felt reassured that I was doing the best thing for me and by unborn child. She stayed close, encouraging me to low moan during the most intense portion of the contractions/waves. Alexis supported me by offering a calm presence as my birth progressed and my son was brought earthside. After the birth, Alexis stayed with us for 2 more hours to celebrate this joyous time as well as offer support as we helped our boy latch and breastfeed for the first time. Our entire birth experience was made whole with her by our side. She will be the first call we make when we are pregnant with baby #2.

~ Courtney L Butts

I am so beyond blessed and thrilled to have met and worked with Alexis! She is kind, smart, supportive, and simply amazing. I've dealt with anxiety and specifically postpartum anxiety with my son so I knew I could use extra support this time. Alexis was supportive and communicative throughout my pregnancy and birth. I delivered at hospital and had other support and still greatly benefited from the professional work provided by Alexis. She really helped calm my nerves and pain during the labor before I got medicine. She then massaged me and provided words of affirmation. I know that her presence truly made my birth a wonderful memory I will always cherish. It almost makes me want to keep having kids so I can work with her again and again haha!

~ Sarah Donovan

Alexis is a superstar. Her humor and passion make her a joy to be around and she is a standout in a room of birth workers. She has found a brilliant, and important way to serve women through birth and support maternal mental health. With 20-40% of moms experiencing depression or anxiety, we need more of her! Plus, if I had a baby again, I'd want her there.

~ Amanda Devereux