Alexis Edwards, LCSW

Alexis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified BEST Doula, and self-proclaimed birth nerd serving the link between birth and mental health in Austin, TX. In 2007 she received a Bachelor of Science in Child & Family Studies from Louisiana State University and in 2009 she received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. She spent the final semester of her graduate program supporting South Africa’s AIDS orphans and following graduation worked for a domestic violence agency counseling trauma survivors.

In 2012 Alexis gave birth to her son. She didn’t know it at the time, but her history as a survivor significantly impacted her birth and she silently suffered through severe postpartum anxiety and immense sadness on the way her birth unfolded. In 2014 she gave birth to her daughter and transitioned out of the workforce fulltime. She continued to work part-time for an adoption agency supporting parents through the home study and post-placement process. She often worked with couples struggling with infertility or loss and found immense strength in their resiliency as they worked toward starting a family.

In 2016 Alexis became certified as a BEST doula. As a survivor of sexual assault, Alexis is passionate about raising awareness on the unique struggles survivors may experience in birth and postpartum, but also about creating trauma-informed care for women in the child bearing stage of life. Birth professionals can play a role in helping survivors regain a sense of control and it is critical we give women space to heal and feel more supported and empowered in their births.

Alexis believes wholeheartedly in the healing power of relationships and empathic support. The transformative journey of childbirth and new parenthood should be validated and normalized and Alexis feels emotional preparedness is a critical component in the sacred space of birth and postpartum. Alexis seeks to provide support to diverse families, however they come to be. Her social work background allows her to bridge the gap between birth and mental health and she is honored to walk alongside you as you navigate the beautiful mess of giving life and raising tiny humans.