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Once upon a time motherhood cracked me wide open. It uprooted all my past hurts and wrapped them up into the joyfully, scary and difficult journey of raising tiny humans. I hated how no one shared the taboos of new parenthood. I hated how I was expected to be happy and grateful to have a healthy baby and shut up about the pain, hurt and fear. So I started speaking my truth. And I made it my mission to empower other parents to unapologetically speak theirs too.

We love our babies, duh. But we also maybe don’t love every single thing about parenthood.

We love this new identity, but we also miss who we were before the chaos.

We are grateful, but we also might wonder, “wtf have we done”.

Parenthood is a deeply physical, emotional, and downright spiritual transformation that needs more than baby showers and questions about how everyone is sleeping. (News flash, we’re tired AF.)

Just as unborn and newborn babies need attention, so do the women born into mothering them. Mothers need to be seen, heard and validated in not just the joys of this journey, but even more so in the knock-you-down, holy-shit-this-is-hard parts too.

We deserve time and space to heal into our best selves, so we can parent more fully despite the struggle.

That’s right, we can struggle and still be good.

This is what I do: I hold space for parents on this journey.

I empower parents to say the “I’m too scared to say this” parts of parenthood out loud. I encourage them to hold joy + wtf is this mess simultaneously. But more than anything, I hear their truth.

Good humans come from well-loved mothers. If you are navigating all the unknowns, “shoulds” and “supposed- tos” of parenting, you are not alone, and you deserve to be nurtured through the noise.

Let’s talk. I’m ready to walk through the beautiful mess with you.

XO, Alexis

And if you super duper care about all my training here’s some of that ish too:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in TX (#53585)

University of Texas at Austin, Master of Science in Social Work, May 2009

Louisiana State University, Bachelor of Science in Child & Family Studies, May 2007

CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy) for Trauma

25-hour CPT for Trauma Training, June 2016

Certified BEST Doula

BEST (Business, Ethics, Sustainability, Together) Doula Training, November 2016

Certified PMAD (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders) Components of Care Provider

Postpartum Support International 2-day Certificate Course, January 2017

Certified Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ Provider

25-hour Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ Teacher Training, September 2018

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Trained

50-hour EMDR Basic Training + 10 consultation hours, completed February 2019

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