Postpartum Doula

My passion lies in the postpartum period. I help parents navigate the needs of caring for a newborn to allow your first few months together to be as comfortable as possible. With additional support, new parents can ease into a more optimal postpartum adjustment period and begin to form a special bond together. My role is to support parents in their emotional and physical recovery by offering gentle guidance through self-care, schedule changes and adjustments in the home after welcoming a new baby.


$30/hour can include the following types of support:

  • Birth processing or emotional support and nurturing for the new mother
  • Education on postpartum issues
  • Breast or bottle feeding support and tips
  • Guidance in infant care or soothing techniques
  • Sleep support
  • Guidance in baby wearing or cloth diapering
  • Help with postpartum care (ie: preparing sitz baths, foot soaks, etc.)
  • Help preparing healthy and nutritious meals and/or meal planning
  • Very light housekeeping (ie: light laundry, dishes, tidying up, etc.)
Austin Birth Awards Nominee

2017 Austin Birth Award Nominee for Best Postpartum Doula!